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How many times have you ridden past a trail feature because you don't think you can do it? Maybe you tell yourself , "I'll try it next time." But do you ride it next time?

Here at Revolve, we can teach you the skills, so you have the confidence to ride it... next time.


As PMBIA* certified coaches, we are committed to helping you reach your personal riding goals and make sure you have fun doing it.


We can help you learn how to:

        • Corner faster

        • Hit drops

        • Roll rocks

        • Ride skinnies

        • Bunny hop

        • Wheelie

        • Manual

        • And more!

We coach:

        • Small groups

        • Personalized lessons

        • Intensive clinics

        • Mini-sessons

Contact us now, so you can ride that feature "next time!"

*PMBIA is the Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association

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FATBIKE: New to fat biking? Not so new to fat biking? Let us take you through the basics of bike setup,  winter bike gear, tire pressure and more. Mini-sessions to be held at locations such as Reforestation Camp, He-Nis-Ra, Bairds Creek and more. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates on these events.



Allow us to help you conquer specific obstacles on the trail. During these sessions we will concentrate on a few obstacles and help you through each one. We will be holding weekly sessions at trail systems such as Ringle, Bairds Creek, Maribel Caves, and more. More details and the opportunity to sign up to come as the 2023 dirt season opens.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming mini-session dates.

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