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Is a skills clinic right for you?

Yes, a skills clinic is perfect for beginners to experienced riders who want to learn new skills and sharpen the skills you already have.  You will learn through our effective teaching method of explaining, demonstrating and practicing the What, Why and How of skills and progression. 

Prior to our clinics and private instruction, you will complete a short survey that allows you to define your current skills and what you want to focus on. Your information will allow us to create a personalized learning experience for you.

Skills and maneuvers we may work on are:

• Body positioning • Balance • Cornering • Maneuvering in different terrain • Climbing • Navigating rock gardens • Drops • Skinnys

• Picking a line • Descending


Private Instruction

Customize your mountain bike session by working on your personal goals. A private instruction offers a more intimate and personal learning experience specific for you.

Couples instructions available also.



Group sessions and clinics are a great way to learn mountain biking with others. Learn skills, techniques and have fun with new friends.

Sign up for one of our skills clinics.

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Interested in knowing more or gaining the skills to do your first enduro?


In general, most enduro races involve anywhere from 3-6 timed stages. The timed portions of the race are mostly downhill but can vary in steepness, length, and difficulty depending on location. Between each stage, there are untimed “transfer stages” that are mostly uphill. Depending on the race, transfer stages can involve sections of hike-a-bike, a chair lift, and/or good old-fashioned pedaling.

Enduro combines elements of all racing disciplines from the physical fitness necessary for cross-country racing, the mental stamina necessary for XC-style stage races and the bike-handling skills to navigate technical gravity-fed singletrack.

We are experienced enduro racers in Lake Superior Gravity Series.

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